Friday, October 7, 2016

my style of writing

I've talked before about basing my stories and writing on myself and personal experiences. That helps-I guess you could call me a "method writer."
I make some of my characters reclusive and having difficulty dealing with social situations-same as me! I have been searching forever for someone from high school and have always wondered what would happen if she came back into my life if maybe at the wrong time. I finally decided that would make a great story. I started it off with the actual conversations I had with the girl and proceeded from there.
Some of my stories contain characters named after people I have known or met online. I also blended in imaginary situations I had when I was a kid and "characters" from those scenarios.I even managed to blend in some of my (tamer) "female fantasies" into my stories. Not too worry-they're not offensive. I also blend in my personal interests (i.e. making my characters aspiring writers, having them country music and sports fans) into the stories.
I try my best to be observant so that I can see what can make a great story. If my stories were ever turned into movies, I can imagine certain actors and actresses portraying the characters.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I saw another Carrie Underwood concert at the AAC a few weeks ago, and she was AMAZING!!!! she did most of my favorite songs like Undo it, Heartbeat, Dirty Laundry, Jesus Take the Wheel, and Wasted. She was all over the stage and came down on a group of wings and performed on a circular stage. I won the tickets too! Anyone who likes country music should see this lady in concert. She gives a fabulous show. My only disappointments:I didn't win a backstage pass, and she didn't perform my favorite song by her, "So Small." Other than that, I loved the concert! She has certainly come a long way since American Idol.

more writing

I am still writing. I have completed a few new stories. One expands and combines some stories and characters from previous stories (Squirrelman and the Orange Eyed Invasion stories), while another is about a guy's bucket list. That one was partially set at UT Southwestern. I am almost done with one which was inspired by a letter I once read many years ago in Dear Abby. I have made good progress on that one.
I have put up some collections on Smashwords since my last post. Feel free to check them out.
A lot of my stories are based on personal experience, so you can learn more about me by reading my stories. I like to do that.
I will keep you updated as my stories go on.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


The school year has started at UTD. We saw the One O'clock Lab Band from UNT last night, which was fun. I am still working, watching movies, and writing.

Monday, March 16, 2015


After missing her three previous times due to conflicts, I finally saw Miranda Lambert in concert at the American Airlines Center on Thursday, March 12th. She was terrific! It was well worth the wait. She had Sunny Sweeney and Justin Moore as her opening acts, and they were good too. My favorite song by Sunny was "From a Table Away."

Miranda did songs like "Fastest Girl in Town," "The House that Built me," "Baggage Claim," "Kerosene," and a bunch of others. Blake Shelton surprised with a performance on stage and did Austin. At the end, Sunny Sweeney and Gwen Sebastian join Miranda on stage, and they did a tribute to the Dixie Chicks.

Overall, it was a marvelous evening. I was able to preorder marvelous seats. Any fan should see Miranda in concert.

Monday, January 26, 2015

this year

This year has gotten off to a decent start, albeit an unexpected expensive one. I had to buy some new shoes, and I had an unexpected large maintanance charge on my car. Other than that things are ok. I have been watching good tv shows, reading good books, and seeing lots of good movies, on DVD and in the theater. I like Gone Girl, Alexandar and the Horrible Day (shortened title!), and The Equalizer. I have also posted some comments on imdb. I missed a little time at work due to allergies. We also some good ball games-Sidekicks, Allen Americans, and Stars. Those were fun. We also have tickets to a good upcoming concert, and I have been to some good UTD events. I hope to keep it up!

more writing

I have a new manuscript up on Smashwords. ( It is called 3 Survivor Stories. It has stories about a lady whose performance on American Idol gets rigged;a man who is present at the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and the Boston Marathon attack;and friends who get sucked into "tv land" and get to meet all of their favorite television characters. Survivors indeed!
Let me know if you ever read my writing or if you'd ever like me to submit anything to you. I am also about to start on some new stories.