Monday, November 28, 2016

happy holidays!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season! Any plans?
We usually check out the decorations on the Midwestern State campus in Wichita Falls (where I went to college) and do some other stuff. I love this time of year.
I sent out cards and have done just about all my shopping.
If anyone reads this, drop a line and say happy holidays. I wish you one too.

more about writing

Since my last post, I post the Squirrelman/Dear Abby/bucket list trilogy up on Smashwords. Feel free to check it out! I am also still working on the other story. I also started up on another one. I am very excited about both!
You can learn a lot about me from my writing. I base a lot of my stories on myself, stuff around me, and stuff I did and made up when I was a kid. I made up Squirrelman was I was a kid, and some of my characters in my stories (one in Squirrelman) are based in some of my "imaginary situations" from those times-a little more grown up now, of course. One thing I had was imaginary sports teams and leagues. Some of them can help you learn about those!
Another thing I do is make my characters writers, since I am so familiar with that. Stephen King does the same thing. It's a good thing to do-you write about what you know about!
I will keep you up to date.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

new stories, etc.

I posted my latest manuscript, 3 Mighty Bonds, on Smashwords the other day. It’s a trilogy with one story about a guy who gets help from a mysterious stranger to do the things on his bucket list;a lady who tries to escape an unhappy marriage and turns to writing as one means;and one that combines characters from some of my other stories.
If you know me and my stories, you know that I am hoping that Squirrelman was my first story and what I hope will be my “signature story/character.” That last story combines him as well as other characters from some of my other stories-I did that intentionally. The middle story was inspired by something I once read in a letter in Dear Abby. The first one blends in a little bit of Make a Wish, which I’ve been involved in lately.
I am also working on a new story-just started. It is inspired a little bit by Rear Window-the Hitchcock classic. It is set a little bit in a bowling alley. I will need to research bowling terms for it!

Friday, October 7, 2016

my style of writing

I've talked before about basing my stories and writing on myself and personal experiences. That helps-I guess you could call me a "method writer."
I make some of my characters reclusive and having difficulty dealing with social situations-same as me! I have been searching forever for someone from high school and have always wondered what would happen if she came back into my life if maybe at the wrong time. I finally decided that would make a great story. I started it off with the actual conversations I had with the girl and proceeded from there.
Some of my stories contain characters named after people I have known or met online. I also blended in imaginary situations I had when I was a kid and "characters" from those scenarios.I even managed to blend in some of my (tamer) "female fantasies" into my stories. Not too worry-they're not offensive. I also blend in my personal interests (i.e. making my characters aspiring writers, having them country music and sports fans) into the stories.
I try my best to be observant so that I can see what can make a great story. If my stories were ever turned into movies, I can imagine certain actors and actresses portraying the characters.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I saw another Carrie Underwood concert at the AAC a few weeks ago, and she was AMAZING!!!! she did most of my favorite songs like Undo it, Heartbeat, Dirty Laundry, Jesus Take the Wheel, and Wasted. She was all over the stage and came down on a group of wings and performed on a circular stage. I won the tickets too! Anyone who likes country music should see this lady in concert. She gives a fabulous show. My only disappointments:I didn't win a backstage pass, and she didn't perform my favorite song by her, "So Small." Other than that, I loved the concert! She has certainly come a long way since American Idol.

more writing

I am still writing. I have completed a few new stories. One expands and combines some stories and characters from previous stories (Squirrelman and the Orange Eyed Invasion stories), while another is about a guy's bucket list. That one was partially set at UT Southwestern. I am almost done with one which was inspired by a letter I once read many years ago in Dear Abby. I have made good progress on that one.
I have put up some collections on Smashwords since my last post. Feel free to check them out.
A lot of my stories are based on personal experience, so you can learn more about me by reading my stories. I like to do that.
I will keep you updated as my stories go on.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


The school year has started at UTD. We saw the One O'clock Lab Band from UNT last night, which was fun. I am still working, watching movies, and writing.